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Yu Okada


Provide value by solving customer issues.
Pertner Sales
Yu Okada

Yu Joined HENNGE's Partner Sales Section in 2015 and became the Section manager in 2016. He was then promoted as the manager of the Business Transformation Section and lead of One Marketing in 2018. He is currently the Deputy Division Manager of the Cloud Sales Division, the manager of the Business Transformation Section, and the Lead of One Marketing.

Please tell me about your current role at HENNGE.

I currently work in the sales division. My work focuses on marketing activities, such as sales measure proposals, HENNGE product briefings and holding seminars so that we can expand the sale of HENNGE products to our partners (sales agents). We support the handling of HENNGE products, but our partner proposals has great added value if we collaborate with them to solve customer issues, visit customers with our partners.

It’s our mission to not only undertake sales activities, but also to create structures that make it easier for partners to sell our products. My division, Partner Sales, is the one that is at the core of sales activities, and determines how effectively and efficiently partner businesses can expand.

Since some members make direct HENNGE product proposals to customers, the strength of HENNGE sales is the ability to solve customers issues directly at HENNGE while working in cooperation with our partners.

As a member of HENNGE, what is the most exciting part of your current position?

Partner Sales is a team where you can gain different experience through promotional activities, information exchange and project collaboration with various domestic and foreign-owned software companies, SIers, and consulting companies.

Frequent comprehensive sales activities to various departments including the decision makers of the partner companies occur in order to support the business of our partners.The job requires us to understand our partners’ business inside and out, so that we can gain a deep understanding of business approach and acquire great presentation skills.

It is an exciting team where the members can take on many challenges and enjoy learning and growing through sales.

What kind of culture does HENNGE have?

I think HENNGE is a strict but caring company. The work environment adopts free address allowing you to work from wherever you want within the office building depending on your mood, and from home or while visiting clients. However, this freedom is gained through being accountable, so producing results is expected.

Moreover, since it’s a flat environment, the distance between you and the executive team is close. And since there are non-Japanese employees, we have the opportunity to conduct cultural exchange and have some laughs together.

Things that need change do change rapidly and since there are no definite rules in place, you can challenge new things using your own method – I think that these are some of the fantastic qualities of HENNGE.

Please tell me about your dreams, ambitions or hope for the future at HENNGE or in life.

I would like to expand the range of my work scope, I haven’t yet decided the direction yet. In the future, we will be required to expand the range of our occupation rather than just have one speciality and to be able to work in multiple industries, so I hope to be able to do that myself.

What type of people would you want to work with?

People who work hard and challenges themselves without being afraid of failure.
You can’t just sit and wait for things to happen, so I want to work with people who are actively trying new things because they have nothing to lose. I would like to be in a team that consists of unique personalities with and talents.

What does "Liberation of Technology" mean to you?

To provide customers who are obligated to depend on systems that are old or only partly optimized with technologies developed by HENNGE, or one that is combined with external technologies to solve their issues.

Liberation of Technology also mean to engage in work that leads to enriching people’s lives through the development of customer’s businesses, social contribution and new work styles.