Continue Eating Unripe Fruits to Remain as Early Adopters

CEO & CTO Kazuhiro Ogura (Richie)

We love IT and are confident that technology can make people happy. We are grateful that IT is advancing at a tremendous pace and making our day-to-day lives more convenient.

While businesses face perplexing issues such as what technology to adopt and when, one that particularly stands out is deciding when to adopt premature technologies that can generate an unprecedented increase in productivity.

Under these circumstances, what we as an IT passionate company can do for our customers is to proactively and continuously “eat unripe fruits”. This means that we must be willing to adopt new or premature technology, even if it repeatedly makes us sick (fail) that we may be hospitalized, so that we can accumulate expertise and determine “fruits” that are good and useful for our customers from those that are precarious. Based on trial and error, we will ultimately be able to develop optimal products for the market and distribute it to a broader customer base.

We want to be the early adopters with more experience in changes and failures than our customers that continues to work hard. We call this approach, “eat unripe fruits and make mistakes early”, and is the foundation of our business operation. It is the most valuable cycle for putting our corporate philosophy, “liberation of technology” into practice.

SaaS (software as a service) is our ideal business model in order to achieve the above. Our leading service, HENNGE One, has continuously growing numbers of users thanks to meaningful customer feedback and due to our ceaseless effort to adopt change and overcome failure.

This approach is not limited to the field of technology; we use the same method of eating unripe fruits to tackle various internal challenges. For example, we have made English as our company’s official language in 2017, and have been actively recruiting members with various nationalities. These efforts are at the forefront of addressing change that Japanese companies will soon have to confront in the near future. Embracing diversity has definitely accelerated the change and growth of HENNGE.

There is an overabundance of trial and error, ideas that run counter to conventional wisdom or unsettled course of action as part of everyday life at HENNGE. You may feel that your prior experience does not work to your advantage at times. However, through the challenges, your curiosity and ability to adapt to change will push you to grow as an individual and will also support the growth of HENNGE.

If you want to fulfill your intellectual curiosity, grow and remain on the bleeding edge, come join us. We are waiting for you.