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Takeru Imaizumi

Customer Success

To continuously come up with optimal solutions to meet different market needs.
Customer Engagement
Takeru Imaizumi

After graduating, Takeru joined Sler as a system engineer and experienced system construction tasks for various clients. He joined HENNGE in 2016 as a service introduction support and later got promoted to a service infrastructure migration project. In 2019, he left HENNGE to start a SasS business and rejoined HENNGE after a year to help with business expansion.

Please tell me about your current role at HENNGE.

I belong to a team that focuses on supporting our customers so that they can start using HENNGE One effortlessly upon installation. Our business model includes follow-through support so that our customers can use our services long-term. We don’t just sell our products then leave the customers but present optimal solutions for their environment to help facilitate and stabilize the use of our services.

I specialize in international projects with non-Japanese members. This sounds as if I can speak good business-level English, but actually, the non-Japanese members are quite fluent in Japanese so I’m still in the process of learning English every day!

Another mission of my team is to improve our day-to-day tasks by optimizing operations. We are grateful that the number of our clients are growing, but this has resulted in a chronic shortage of staff. We believe that hiring more staff is the only solution to tackle this issue, so in the time being, we’re constantly looking for ways to efficiently carry out our operations.

Other responsibilities we undertake include collaborating with our partners, verifying technology, supporting sales staff prior to receiving orders, and following-up with existing customers.

As a member of HENNGE, what is the most exciting part of your current position?

My coworkers, regardless of their position, have different sets of skills. I’m constantly inspired by many of them since they have the skills that I don’t. It’s a great environment to learn and grow in, and is the most appealing quality of HENNGE.

With regards to my role, I find it most rewarding when I see our customers use our services and are content with it. We work hard to understand their problems and their system environments and come up with the best solution for them. Of course it’s not easy as every client has different needs, but the sense of achievement is all the more great when operations go smoothly and the client appreciates our work. It’s wonderful to see a customer use our solution long-term as a result of our hard work.

What kind of culture does HENNGE have?

Our company is very diverse. As I explained earlier, it’s not just about the various skills that our employees have, but also in terms of where they’re from, race, background and the way they think. When I’m working at the Shibuya office, I constantly hear people speaking in Chinese and Thai as well as Japanese and English.

We also have a prayer room for our Muslim employees. HENNGE offers an environment for accepting diverse group of people and ideas and puts that into practice. I hear about many companies calling for “diversity” by advocating women to play more of an active role in corporate settings, but I don’t think many companies actually practice diversity like HENNGE does.

Another quality I noticed is that HENNGE is quite open to hearing employees’ ideas and what they want to do. For example, I made a request in the past to be able to work with non-Japanese members, and now I am in an international team as a result. The company is extremely generous in accepting our initiatives. There are times of course when my ideas have been rejected, but I could always learn something from the reason why it was not accepted since they are often legitimate.

Please tell me about your dreams, ambitions or hope for the future at HENNGE or in life.

I don’t have a clear vision for the future, but I do want to be a leading person in some area. I was not the kind of student who got an average score in every subject area (I’m not good with filing and paperwork that my coworkers often joke about that! So what I do want to do is to get a full score in at least one subject out of four subjects even if that means I fail at all the rest. This doesn’t mean that I want to slack off on the rest of the subjects – I will try and get an average score for the rest, but my point is that I want to focus and be really good at one thing, rather than be average at everything.

Lastly, I hope that HENNGE becomes more recognized and known publicly. Being from Aomori prefecture of Tohoku, I find that cloud service is still uncommon there and that seems to be the case for many provincial areas within domestically and abroad with only a few exceptions.
I want to help the company grow and be recognized in those places so that my old classmates in my hometown can one day say to me, “You’re working for HENNGE? Wow!”. I would be so proud.

What type of people would you want to work with?

I want to work with someone who is outstanding in one particular area through collaboration and mutual growth.

People that can do what I cannot are truly attractive. I am inspired by many people at HENNGE, and feel lucky to be able to work in this kind of environment. I hope that more people with outstanding skills will join us.

What does "Liberation of Technology" mean to you?

To continuously come up with optimal solutions for various market needs. The reason why HENNGE One is being adopted by many big name Japanese clients is due to how simple it is to install, and because of the wide variety of cloud services we offer with special functions required for the domestic market. However, the services are not fully customized, so not all clients will give us a full score. Yet, I know that many clients will give us at least an average score for our product. This isn’t to say that I am satisfied with the present.

Our business model does not allow us to just sell our product and end our relationship with the client there. It’s designed to ensure our customers to use our services long-term. The market keeps changing, and so do customer needs. To adapt to that, we need to change accordingly and continue presenting solutions that are needed so that we can serve more customers. This is what unleashing the potential of technology means. Instead of focusing on a specific field, cloud services must continue to address potential needs. In other words, our capability for making change in the market is the liberation of technology.