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Free Dr. Pepper Program

Based on the CEO’s experience that many of the best engineers like Dr. Pepper, we have the world’s only Dr. Pepper design vending machine at our Tokyo office. Employees are welcomed to drink as many Dr. Peppers as they want for free!

The Lab

At the lab, various trial products are developed directly under the CEO's supervision. Currently, IoT hardware is being developed using 3D printers. The lab is also used to test out various tools and services before deploying for company-wide use.

English as our Official Company Language

20% of our employees are foreign nationals which makes the company environment quite global. English was adopted as the official company language in 2016, and all employees are working towards making HENNGE a truely global IT company.

* Depending on the team/ division, Japanese is also used.

Encouraged Inter-Division Communication

To increase communication between different divisions, we have "coffee time" where employees bring their recommended coffee from around the world and brew a fresh batch every day for everyone to enjoy. We also have a free lunch system called "communication lunch" which is held about once a month where we bring in chefs and catering service so that all employees can get to know each other through a shared meal. In addition, we celebrate both Japanese and non-Japanese national holidays such as Setsubun (the last day of winter in the lunar calendar), Tanabata (the seventh day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar), Halloween, and Chinese New Year.

Work Style Reform and Innovation

We encourage autonomous management work and support clients that want to adopt this work style. To enable remote work, we have free addresses set up for all employees including our board members. If we are going to suggest new work styles to our clients, so must first try them out ourselves - and that is what we are doing.

Monthly Technical Sessions (MTS)

MTS is an internal mini conference where the engineers will get to share their knowledge or recent trends through presentations. These sessions are all moderated and presented in English.


Support for English Learning

We subsidize expenses for English language learning including TOEIC tests and online English conversation courses.

English Language Learning on Cebu, Philippines

Employees can participate in a paid English language learning training on Cebu island in the Philippines. No need to use annual leave as the training will be counted towards work hours.

Support for Japanese Learning

Non-Japanese employees can receive Japanese language learning support including reimbursement for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) fee, online Japanese conversation courses and Japanese tutoring at our Tokyo office.

Support for Professional Certifications

Subsidies are provided for employees who wish to take professional certification courses to advance their skillset.


  • Employment insurance
  • Worker’s accident compensation insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Employee pension insurance
  • Annual leave including summer holidays and special leave in addition to over 120 days of national holidays
  • Employee shareholding program