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Yuricia Vebrina Business Administration

Yuricia Vebrina

Global Recruiting

Everyone deserves technology.


Please tell me about your current role at HENNGE.

I’m a Global Business Development Associate and my team falls under the President’s Office. I am also the team leader of Globalization Project of the company.


As a member of HENNGE, what is the most exciting part of your current position?

Belonging to the President’s Office means that you’re in touch with what the company envisions under the CEO’s direct supervision. I am responsible for anything related to global matters within the company. My team shares foreign cultures with the company while exposing HENNGE to the global plenary.

I go to many countries, meet new people and host or attend many events. Doing that excites me the most, especially when I get to explain how global and unique our company is.


What kind of culture does HENNGE have?

Everyone I’ve introduced to the company would tell me how different HENNGE is and say that “it is not a typical Japanese company”. The employees are all very warm and close with one another. It’s also very diverse and international yet we’ve never missed the Japanese traditions like setsubun (節分), tanabata (七夕) and tsukimi (月見).


Please tell me about your dreams, ambitions or hope for the future at HENNGE or in life.

My biggest goal is to make HENNGE a role model. I want to inspire the international talents that not all Japanese companies are monocultural and that we [the companies] are changing now. I also want to let Japanese companies know that it is not scary to hire international talents. These combinations might surprising, but for us, it’s a good surprise.

We challenge the status quo, and we intend on continuing that.


What type of people would you want to work with?

Those with a global mindset and that are respectful of diversity.


What is it like for you to live in Tokyo?

The first thing that came to my mind is how punctual and convenient everything is here! It’s easy to build a habit and plan everything out. Your day can be productive since you won’t be stuck in traffic all the time. Products and facilities are foolproof and there are always manuals for everything.

However, it’s not tourist or non-Japanese speaker friendly. Most Japanese don’t really speak English, not even the store staff (店員) of international chains.


What does "Liberation of Technology" mean to you?

It means that everyone deserves technology. HENNGE aims to make technology inclusive; men, women, the young and old, for developed countries to underdeveloped ones, etc. It is not just for the privileged anymore but a necessity for all.