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Jinvara Vesvijak Customer Engineering

Jinvara Vesvijak

Customer Engagement

The freedom of technology.


Please tell me about your current role at HENNGE.

My job title is Customer Engagement Guide. To be specific, my role comes in after the service has been purchased by the customers. Sales members would transfer the project to my division once the deal has been made. Then the service will proceed to the delivering phase where I guide our customers or partner organizations to implement the service smoothly until it is successfully deployed. In this process, we take the requirements from the customer and guide them with solutions that would best suit their conditions.

As a global member of Customer Success & Engagement Division, I mostly play a role in the overseas market. Therefore, most of the customers and partners that I manage are mainly located abroad. As stated in my job title, the role involves engaging the customers with our service and being their guide. I also function as the bridge between the customers and our engineers by receiving feedback from the customers and passing that information onto our development team.


As a member of HENNGE, what is the most exciting part of your current position?

As mentioned earlier, my role focuses on the overseas market and this is probably the most exciting part about my current position. Our company has been expanding our business globally, particularly in Asia. Even though we are still at the initial stage of expansion, we have been receiving purchase orders from overseas local companies. This allows me to have the opportunity to gain experience in dealing with various customers and partners from different parts of Asia.

There are some challenges such as language barrier, cultural differences and dealing with different time zones. However, these points have been one of the most intriguing and nurturing experience of my job. Apart from the challenge mentioned above, another exciting thing about my role is the chance to go on occasional overseas business trips.


What kind of culture does HENNGE have?

Unique, Alive, and Warm are the first three words that came to my mind as I thought about the culture of HENNGE.

Starting with Uniqueness, I would say that compared to most companies in Japan, our company is relatively “unique”. Many people, especially foreigners, may hold the image of working condition in Japan such as being in a small cubicle for an entire day, or having a conventional work culture. Our company has been presenting a great exception to these stereotypes. For the past few years, we have been working on changing and developing, and I believe that we will continue to work on creating the best environment to work in for our our employees.

One of the things that have successfully been put in practice is the free address system; everyone has no assigned seats which allows employees to move freely from place to place within the office building. We have a big open space called “lounge” with various seat and table arrangements.

Some spaces are organized to enhance communication among employees and some are geared towards smaller groups, and there is also a private zone for those who seek a quieter work environment. Freedom of where you can sit gives us a chance to stay fresh and creative, and boosts communication among employees which, in turn, makes the office more lively. That sort of atmosphere in the work space is where my second point, ‘Alive’ comes in.

Our company also often holds parties and events for the employees. Last month, we had a Halloween party where the whole floor was decorated in a Halloween theme. All employees got a chance to celebrate together, enjoy the food and have good conversations. These occasional events are one of the examples of our platform that brings employees together, which creates the ‘Warmness’ of our organization, or as I would put it, “HENNGE family”.


Please tell me about your dreams, ambitions or hope for the future at HENNGE or in life.

I have many dreams. It actually keeps changing from one to another. Up until now, there were countless dreams so I would like to mention only my hope for the future.

I hope that one day there will be no borders that separate people by race, gender, ethnicity or even country. There are many who are living on the other side of the world that are facing an entirely different kind of life from mine; one that is not so pleasant. It would probably take a really long time for this to be realized or it may never happen, but I believe that technology is one of the tools that can push for progress and improve people’s lives. This may sound unrelated to what HENNGE is currently doing, since our services mainly serve to support businesses to improve productivity. However, these businesses are the ones inventing the technology to connect the whole world and bring people closer together. So in one way or another, I believe that we all are making a contribution in some way. Nevertheless, I hope that one day, HENNGE will be playing a bigger role in making these contributions to the society.


What type of people would you want to work with?

People who can bring out the positive vibes of others and that are encouraging are the best kind of people to work with. Everyone has their own individuality, we all have different skills, knowledge, talents, characteristics and perspectives. Some people are good at some things and others are good at something else. Nevertheless, everyone is certainly valuable in one way or another and that shouldn’t be disregarded.

To be more specific, the type of people I want to work with are people who know how to be respectful to everyone regardless of their position, seniority, gender and race. It is important for everyone, as part of our company, to feel that they are being accepted and entrusted. And I believe when it comes to teamwork, being respectful comes to the top of the list of the essentials in teamwork.


What is it like for you to live in Tokyo?

I’m from Thailand, born and raised there. I first came to Japan about four years ago to attend university, and joined HENNGE after graduation.

There are good and bad points about living in Tokyo. Starting from the good points, I would say that Tokyo has literally everything you need; You can find all kinds of products, services, and food here. The best part about living here is the food. No matter which restaurant you go to, almost over 90% of the food is amazingly delicious. The city is clean and there are hundreds of attractions within and outside of the central areas nearby. The nature and the weather is truly invigorating as well.

The drawback, however, is the high living expenses, especially, rent. Also, the city is crowded and taking the train during peak rush hour can be quite distressing. These drawbacks can be avoided depending on where you decide to live.

Another point is that for foreigners who don’t speak any Japanese, there are some difficulties due to language barriers and cultural differences. However, these conditions allowed me to truly immerse myself in the language and culture. I had many opportunities to improve my Japanese even though my university classes were conducted mainly in English.

Anyhow, I have been enjoying my stay in Tokyo since it has access to all kinds of products and services at all times. Again, the food here is just awesome!


What does "Liberation of Technology" mean to you?

If I were to put it in my own words, the literal meaning would be “freedom of technology”. I believe that our company has set this as our vision, under the premise that technology has no limit and that there are indefinite things to explore. Our mission is to continue exploring and creating new technology that contributes to society.