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Koji Takahashi Software Development

Koji Takahashi

Software Development

Utilize the gained knowledge and experience to provide an evermore useful service to our customers.


Please tell me about your current role at HENNGE.

I work as a programmer in the cloud product development division. I am also a project leader, so I dedicate quite a bit of my time coordinating the internal and external matters related to my projects in addition to programming.

All the members of the project are non-Japanese, so we do business and also chat in English.
At first, I had a hard time, but I’m getting used to it now.

Since I’m a member of the Globalization Project for hiring staff from overseas, I also conduct hiring interviews.


As a member of HENNGE, what is the most exciting part of your current position?

We tend to think that an IT company uses leading-edge technologies, but quite a number of IT companies are reluctant to introduce new technologies due to uncertainties. On the contrary, HENNGE has a culture of encouraging failure, so we are able to adopt potential technologies without any hesitation since the company has a welcoming atmosphere that supports this mindset.


What kind of culture does HENNGE have?

In addition to its open-door policy for technology, HENNGE has a culture of taking up new challenges.

Our president, who is also the CTO always tells us to be brave, take up new challenges and enjoy change. Initiatives for change and improvements are continuously undertaken across the board to create a better corporate environment. One of the non-Japanese members once remarked, “HENNGE is really open-minded. It’s quite different from the stereotype I had about Japanese companies.”


Please tell me about your dreams, ambitions or hope for the future at HENNGE or in life.

Globalization is practiced internally at HENNGE including hiring non-Japanese and adopting English as our official language. Externally, we participate in prominent tech conferences and are in the process of opening offices overseas. With about half of the development department being non-Japanese, the company aims to strengthen its international competitive edge through joint development with international bases, and by making use of remote work from overseas through the internet.


What type of people would you want to work with?

At present, HENNGE hires engineers from Japan and from around the world. I’m quite happy working with international engineers whom I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t joined HENNGE, and I’d like to work with other aspiring and professional engineers yet to be found around the world.


What does "Liberation of Technology" mean to you?

Technology enriches our life, but at the same time, the pace of progress is so fast that a certain level of professional knowledge is required to make good use of it.
Therefore, it’s not easy for all users to benefit from technology.
We want to unleash the potential of technology by offering user-friendly products and services to our clients based on our know-how and experience gained in the past.